Sunday, March 18, 2012

Evening in Swoon City

I've been intrigued with the Swoon pattern ever since I saw the Flickr photostream of the Swooning Quilt Along, but never really focused on the pattern until I saw this version of it, Sunny Day in Swoon Town:

Using this block as an inspiration, I created Evening in Swoon City, which combined my love of making houses with the Swoon pattern:

A close up of the center star block:

I used Michael Miller's Prom fabric for the center.  I've used this fabric in many of the Wonky House quilt blocks.  I use it sparingly because I love it so much!

Here is a close-up of an apartment building:

and of a house:

I worked out the design of the block as I went.  The most difficult part was the selection of the fabric for the houses, but once I chose the star fabric, it made selecting the house fabrics a lot easier.  The house pattern gave me a few problems as well since I kept changing it.  The only part of the house that I was sure about was the sashing for the window.  I thought it was a nice detail to add. 

I'm very happy with how this block came out.  Now I have to decide whether I want to keep this block as a standalone or as a center for a wall hanging.  Decisions, decisions ....   


  1. Very ingenious! Wonky houses are going to your head!

  2. What a terrific swoon block. I would make it into a mat or a small hanging, as it is such an interesting design with the centre, the apartment buildings and the houses.

  3. Wowee! That's super duper fantastic! I'm amazed that you made apartments and houses for each bit of the star! I think it would be the coolest thing if you made a whole quilt of these, but I can understand not wanting to make more than one since it's so labor-intensive. :D

  4. Love your block, it's amazing and so cute! I have some of that prom fabric, I must get more. Love your projects!

  5. I KNEW I couldn't be the only one who saw 'houses' on the swoon block. Great work!