Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Bee Blocks Round Up

April is coming to an end and I wanted to share the bee blocks that I made for my various bees this month.  Here goes:

Gone Quilting Bee:  I make 2 blocks a month for this bee, and I was one of the Queen Bees this month.  My block is the Granny Square, and my bee-mates have been sending awesome blocks back:

 The other blocks I made was for Annaleise, which are a log cabin variation:

The 99: Based on the book, Modern Blocks, the block this month is Missing Your Kiss.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think through my cutting and ended up short with the background fabric.  I tried to put other blocks in the center, but it didn’t look right.  I felt really bad, but I hope Katey is fine with this:


Piece Bee with You:  The theme this month is an “I’m sick.” quilt.  What a unique theme!  My block is called, “Headache”, inspired by my nephew. J

We Bee Learning Quilting Bee:  The block pattern is Whirligig, and I love that the Queen Bee wanted girly fabrics:


2012 MODERN BLOCK SWAP: The Queen Bee is making a modern strip quilt and asked us to make a section of it for her.  It’s going to be a cool quilt:


Nubees Quilting Bee: This is the first time that I participated in this type of bee where I have to make 5 blocks and incorporate the requested colors of my bee-mates into a pattern that I choose.  I actually ended up making 6 blocks because the spreadsheet was updated and I didn’t check. It took a while to figure the pattern for this one out because it had a short turnaround.  I decided on this pattern, but I don’t know the name of it:

Wonky Trees Block Swap:  This block swap is a continuation of the Wonky House block swap, which I loved.  I can’t wait to see the trees that I get in return:

It’s been a very productive and pretty month!  May is going to be a HUGE challenge since I signed up for a bunch of other projects.  I guess I have to put sleep on the backburner! LOL


  1. Productive indeed! Those are some great blocks. I love the "I'm Sick" block! =D

  2. Great job on all of them! I love your Piece Bee With you one though, especially the fabric you chose for his body, genius!