Friday, December 2, 2011

Rainbow Waves

A while ago, I participated in the mini quilt challenge hosted by AmyLouWho.  I made the Wonky House in Queens little quilt as a wish that the construction on my house would be finished by the holidays.  (It looks like it will be!  Whoo hoo!)

One of the entries for this challenge caught my attention because it was 3-D.  The quilt came from the blog, thimble + bobbin.  I thought the design would be perfect to showcase some of the fabrics that I dyed, but there were no directions.  With some trial and error, I figured out the quilt. 

Here's Rainbow Waves, my version of thimble + bobbin's quilt:

Some close-ups:

The design of this quilt reminded me of the book, The Art of Manipulating Fabric, which I bought years ago and actually just opened yesterday.  There are some seriously cool effects with fabric in this book that would translate well to quilting.  During Christmas week, I'm going to try making a little quilt with some of these fabric manipulations.  Will post when I do!


  1. Cool idea, and well done for coming up with that pattern!

  2. Hi I'm from Lily's quilts.
    This is amazing! And you dyed the fabric yourself? I'm impressed.

  3. It looks stunning.
    I have a book explaining how to do this.
    It's on my list of projects for 2012

  4. I could look at that all day! Beautiful!