Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wonky House in Queens Little Quilt

I was reading the In Color Order blog, and there was a reference to AmyLouWho's Mini Quilt Challenge.  This challenge sounded interesting and it motivated me to make a little quilt.  Part of the challenge is to respond to her post about this challenge and to share a Christmas wish.

My house has been under renovation for the past year and a half.  I'm really pleased with the renovation, especially my sewing room, but it is such a slow process. We're finally at the finishing stages, but it's uncertain if everything can be finished by Christmas.  So my Christmas wish is for the renovation to be finished.  I made this quilt hoping that it would bring good luck!

Wonky House in Queens Quilt:

A close-up of the wonky house:

This quilt makes me smile.  My house is far from wonky, but that's how it felt this past year and a half.  While I was making this quilt, my carpenter was working on some finishing work, and this quilt made him smile too. :)

The quilt measures 12" X 14" and was machine-pieced and quilted.  I used a foundation piecing template for the wonky house that I bought at a quilt show years ago.  Unfortunately, the pattern wasn't entirely accurate since the piece for the roof was too small for the rest of the house.  I made some slight adjustments and all was fine.  The trees are made from fabric that I hand-dyed.

The other reason I loved making this quilt - the cross-hatch quilting.  I forget which blog I got this tip from, but I used painter tape to guide my quilting lines.  I have never had such perfect cross-hatching before.  Best yet, there are no marks to remove because once your sew your line, you can remove the tape.  And there's more - painter tape comes in different widths so it can be used for any size quilt.  For this quilt, I used the 1-inch tape.  I LOVE this method.  Here is a view of the back so you can see the quilting (forgive the stray thread!):

When the house is done, I'm going to make a little quilt to celebrate titled, "Best Little House in Queens!"

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