Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh My Stars! Quilt Along

I had this past week off and it was very productive quilt-wise.  One of the projects I worked on was a quilt along that I found accidently while blog hopping.  It's from the thought & found blog, and the tutorials for the blocks are very well done.  I especially love the tutorial on how to make quick Flying Geese blocks for the Sawtooth Star block.

I'm loving the Sawtooth Star blocks that I'm making.  Although I really like the layout of the quilt along, my quilt will be different because I'm incorporating different star blocks and will be using only 8" and 4" blocks.   I think that the 12" blocks are too big. 

Instead of my usual black and white fabrics for the background, I'm using a Kona solid in dark gray, which contrasts very nicely with the vintagey fabrics that I'm using.  They're pretty, aren't they?


  1. Oh wow. These are fabulous! Just what I need...yet another QAL. Still...this is extremely tempting ;). I'm loving your butterfly fabric in the top left corner.

  2. Cool! I love that you will only be using 2 sized stars and am looking forward to seeing how your final quilt top turns out!

  3. The dark grey background is perfect and I love how you used it in that one block.

  4. Your stars are looking great, and I'm so pleased that you're reinterpreting the pattern to suit your needs. I'm all about reworking patterns to make them my own!