Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Design Board

I finally got it done - the design board!  There are some projects that I want to start, but have been delaying since I need a design board to help me make some design decisions.  I had decided a while ago to make the design board using artist stretchers and canvas.  I figured that since I was going to use flannel or batting, I would need something firm underneath it to give it some structure and support.

Unfortunately, the stretchers I bought were too big for the wall I wanted to hang the board on.  My sister finally suggested that I buy a pre-made canvas since they come in all sizes now.  I decided to start with a small design board and leave the larger one for when the carpenter working on my house renovation can trim the stretchers down to fit the wall. 

Here is the front of the design board (30" X 40") with flannel stretched over it:

The back view:

A close up of the flannel stapled to the frame of the canvas:

A close-up of a corner:

It's really important to make sure that the corners on the design board are taut and firmly secured to the frame of the canvas.  The tighter you can stretch the flannel over the frame, the flatter your surface. 

This design board is now literally a blank canvas and can be hanged like any other painting.  Thanks to the sis for working on this board!

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