Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Quilt Block Swaps

Well, can you believe this?  It's the last day of February and I'm already done with all my March blocks for the various virtual swaps that I'm involved with.  It must be the leap year!  The next time I'm this productive will probaby be in four years with the next leap year!  Here goes:

Piece Bee With You Quilt Bee - Jacqueline's cat block, pattern from The Cat's Meow by Janet Kime:

The 99 Quilt Bee -  Neshamamama's Lattice blocks from the book, Modern Blocks:

Gone Quilting Bee - Alisha's wonky star blocks:

We Bee Quilting Bee - Brandie's Wonky Star block:

Gone Quilting Bee - Debbie's HST star block:

I'm generally not this efficient, so I'm in happy shock! Hmm... too bad this efficiency is not present in other aspects of my life! :)


  1. I bow at the feet of your efficiency! I'm still humming and hawing over 1 February block (which we only just got the fabrics for, so have extra time) and haven't even thought about the March ones yet!

  2. WOW!! Well done you! Want to come and do some of mine xx

  3. How difficult were those lattice blocks? It seems to me that it might be difficult to get them to match up well. They sure look good though and would be an amazingly great way to use up scraps if you had lots of 1.5" strips.

    1. When you start the blocks, they don't seem so difficult, but if you look closely at the quarter blocks, you'll see that the lines don't exactly match up. This is a block that you want to photograph at a distance!