Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quartered Log Cabin Block

Now that I figured out the fabrics, with a few new additions, I decided to make a prototype of this block both to figure if the fabrics work well together and what to send out.  Since the fabrics have to get to my fellow bee members of the Modern Block Swap 2012 by the beginning of March, I need to send the packages out by the end of this week because I'm going away next week.  (Can you believe that February is almost over???)

I had some concerns about my fabric, but once I made the block, it was amazing the transformation from the basic log cabin block:

... to the Quartered Log Cabin version:

Once I saw this block, any doubts I had about the fabrics disappeared! I love the play of fabrics and patterns, which all seem to go together very well.  By varying the width of the "logs" and making the placement of the orange, gray, and purple fabrics random, it made the final block vibrant and dynamic.  I can't wait to see what the bee members create!

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