Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cat Bathroom

I just finished quilting the cat quilt that will be placed on the wall right outside the cat bathroom, which is shown here:

During the renovation of the basement, we decided to put in the cat bathroom next to the basement bathroom.  We have multiple cats, and no matter what products we bought or where we placed the litter box, the cats always made a mess of the area.  What drove me crazy was the flinging of the litter and tracking it everywhere.  So we thought if we kept the litterbox in a contained area that was easy to clean, it would help keep the problems at a minimum.  It did, and was probably one of the best investments we could have made.

Though the room looks simple, it was quite a project.  The concrete floor had to be broken up in order to put in a floor drain, and the pipes had to be redone for both bathrooms in order to add the drain and hand-held shower.  We also added a bathroom fan to help dry the room when we cleaned it, and the saddle of the doorway had to be raised so that we can run the faucet when we clean the bathroom. 

And of course, it's the details that give the space its character, so we chose this light switch cover for the bathroom:

and I made this quilt for right outside the room:

The cats adapted to this room very quickly. It's surprising since our cats never do what we want.  Maybe they like it as much as we do.  :)  It's a great room and has worked out exactly the way we had hoped. 

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