Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Playing with fabric ...

I've been collecting orange and purple fabrics for one of my bees, Modern Block Swap.  I'm the bee leader for March and I didn't know how difficult it was to plan this quilt until I tried to.  So I did some research.  After looking at a gazillion block patterns and quilts on Flickr, I decided to make a purple and orange quilt in the quartered log cabin pattern from Block Party.  These are the fabrics so far:

The orange fabrics ...

The purple fabrics plus the neutral gray fabrics ...

I think the orange fabrics are great, and the gray fabrics will work well with both color families.  I'm concerned with the purples because they're predominantly in the reddish-purple family and I wanted a wider range of purples.  Looks like more fabric shopping ... YEAH!


  1. I LOVE your choice of colour and fabric xxx

  2. Hee, yay for more shopping! I think both of your stacks look great. :)