Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby Quilt - Change in Plans!

As I was looking at my black and white fabrics, I was lamenting how I wanted to get started but was stuck because I didn't have enough variety in the blue and green fabrics.  Then I realized - why did it have to be blue and green?  Because the backing is blue?  It's a baby quilt!  The brighter the colors and the more contrast there is, the more stimulating it is for the baby!

I went back to my fabric collection and the orange fabrics caught my eyes.  They showed well against the black and white ones.  Of course, I was worried that it would be too Halloweenish and would clash too much with the turquoise fleece.  Was I wrong!  The blue color actually made the other colors more vibrant.

Black and white fabrics:

Orange fabrics:

And together:

Unfortunately, just when I thought I solved the problem, there was another glitch.  I decided to use turquoise fabric as my sashing, which worked well, but I didn't have enough of the fabric I wanted to use.  This is a minor problem - it's easier to look for one fabric as opposed to many different ones, like I would have had to if I kept the original color scheme.

On my way home tomorrow, I'll stop by a sewing machine store that also sells fabric to see if they have what I need.  My fingers are crossed since it will save me a trip to Manhattan.  Parking is impossible in Manhattan, unless you're willing to spend a gazillion dollars for a parking lot.

I haven't finalized the pattern of the quilt, but I figured out the blocks - 6" orange blocks with borders of thin strips of black and white fabrics.  I'll make the blocks tomorrow when the fabric is ready to be used.  They're being washed as I type this post since I wasn't sure what was washed and what wasn't. 

Can't wait to finally get going on this quilt!  

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