Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Design as you go...

Since the design of the quilt has been changed a few times, it should not be surprising that I changed it again.  This quilt is truly "design as you go!" 

The 6" squares were too big, so I reduced the square size down to 4 1/2".  I cut the black and white fabric strips into wide and narrow strips and placed it around the squares, which didn't look right.  For offset log cabin blocks to work, there has to several rounds of the strips around a smaller center square.  Since I only intended to do 2 rounds at most, the assymmetric effect didn't work.  I also found that using too many different black and white fabrics clashed with the different orange fabrics, so I selected only 4 fabrics.  Below is the initial layout of the quilt:

I wish you could see how vibrant the turquoise sashing is compared to the other fabrics.  This picture is a little dull because I'm still learning to use my digital camera, but the turquoise fabric makes the colors in the squares pop out.  I'll probably sew a thin strip of orange around the turquoise fabric before adding a black and white border.  The design of this quilt is still evolving, but I love the colors, which, thankfully, do not evoke thoughts of Halloween.  Now that I have a direction, I'm going to do the rest of the squares and play with the sashing to improve the design of the quilt.

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