Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Quilt in Progress ... NOT!

I went to Joann's with the intentions of looking for some fabrics for the baby quilt and what did I find?  A bias binding machine!  I was so enthralled with the machine that I completely forgot about the fabric, at least until I got home, which as you know, was very useful. :)

I have Thursday and Friday off this week due to the Jewish holidays, so I'm going to City Quilter, the only quilt shop in Manhattan.  They offer good classes and just expanded their shop so their fabric collection is much wider now.  I just bought some beautiful oil cloth from them that I will eventually make into little bags.  I'll try to find the fabrics there.  At the rate I'm going, it looks like my friend's baby will have facial hair before I'm done. 

Since I'm on the subject of quilt shops ... if you're ever in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, you must set aside time to go fabric shopping.  Let me know and I'll recommend some shops.  I go there at least twice a year, specifically to fabric-shop.  They have all the design lines for at least 25-30% off.  And of course, you must go to Sauder's, which is the mecca for quilters in this area.  Sauder's is also unique in my eyes because it's a business that actually has a functional outhouse.  They have credit card machines but not toilets.  I'm still amazed after all these years.  Provincial, am I not?

Back to the quilt ... I still haven't figured out the pattern for the quilt so I've been going through my quilt magazines.  I'm an avid reader of craft magazines even when I was on hiatus.  I keep all of them though they're piling up.  One thing I noticed is that the patterns in quilt magazines today are not very different from the magazines of 10 years ago or more, with the exception of Quilting Arts, whose quilts tend to be aspirational rather than doable.  I'm not very inspired by these magazines, so I stopped buying them.  What are the newest trends in quilting?  I guess I have to go blog-hopping to find out ...

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