Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Quilt - What to do?

When I planned the baby quilt yesterday, I assumed I had a large enough variety of blue and green fabrics for the quilt.  However, when I looked at the fabrics today, I realized that I do have a large variety, but they tend to reflect my taste for muted and floral patterns, not exactly prints that would be stimulating for a baby.  I also realized that the bright greens and blues I have tended to have some type of circular pattern.  Does that mean that I equate bright with circles?  Hmm ... something to think about!

I'm going to the fabric store tomorrow to see if I can find some fabrics that fit the color scheme.  I hope I do because my black and white collection is ROCKIN'!  It should be since I've been collecting them for years, ever since I saw the quilt, Freddy's House, in Freddy Moran's book, Freddy's House: Brilliant Color in Quilts.

Wish me luck!

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