Friday, September 30, 2011

Next Project: Circle of Geese Wallhanging

While I wait for the border fabric for the baby quilt to dry, I'm preparing for my next project - Circle of Geese Wallhanging.  I orginally read about this pattern on the Applique Today blog.  I think the author of the blog was doing a group QAL using this pattern. 

The Circle of Geese pattern is foundation-pieced.  The pattern reflects 1/4 of the total block, which is a 12" .  I think I"m going to reduce the size of the pattern so that it is 4 X 4, with a finished block size of 8".  This pattern can easily be adjust since the pattern pieces are relatively large.  Here is a picture of the foundation piecing pattern:

I'm using an almost solid black fabric for the background.  Because the background pieces go in all different directions, if you use a striped or directional fabric, it will take your focus away from the geese pieces.  Since I want the focus to be on the different purple fabrics that I'll be using for the geese, I want my background to enhance the purple fabrics, not distract from them.

I'm also playing with the idea of doing some applique on this quilt, probably with some type of floral border.  I love the works of Piece O' Cake designers, Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins, and I might applique some of their simpler florals along the border.  We'll see how ambitious I'm feeling once I get started on the pattern.

I've already started preparing for this quilt.  Having the craft room next to the laundry room is very convenient.  Once I collected all the fabrics I wanted to use, I just had to take a few steps to put them in the washer.  I'll press the fabrics tomorrow and make copies of the foundation piecing pattern.

If you're new to foundation piecing, Leah Day of The Free Motion Quilting Project has a good video tutorial:

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