Sunday, September 25, 2011

How cool is this?

The things that I have missed being out of touch in the crafting world for so long!  I've been reading lots of sewing blogs in preparation for trying my hand at making clothes after I finish the baby quilt.  In one of the sewing blogs, I saw this presser foot that is used to sew invisible zippers into a garment.  I never knew such a presser foot existed. 

Years ago, I took a class at FIT in NYC on couture sewing techniques.  Most of the construction and finishing involved handwork and/or a standard presser foot.  The only other foot we used was a zipper foot.  As a result, I always assumed that you didn't need much else when making clothes. 

The tutorial on how to install an invisible zipper showed how easy it was to do this when you have the right tool.  In the past, I used to pin, baste, rip out, redo, etc., in my quest to make the zipper look professionally sewn.  It was frustrating and probably one of the reasons why I lost interest in making clothes.

Anyway, this tutorial started me on a quest to learn how many other cool presser feet I can get for my machine.  I ordered a few, but am particularly excited by the adjustable bias binding presser foot due to its immediate application to the baby quilt.  This foot allows you to sew on the binding in one step.  I used to sew the binding and then hand finish it.  It took forever!  Now it's fast and doesn't require much hand finishing. Check out this cool tool and don't be surprised if you get one too!

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