Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby Quilt #3 - Simple and bright!

Happy Halloween!

Lots of people around me are having babies, so I've been busy making baby quilts.  I'm working on my third baby quilt and it is for a boy.  I spent as much time selecting and arranging the fabrics as I did sewing.  Half of the green and blue fabrics are from my stash, and the other half are new.  Here is the quilt ready to be prepared for quilting:

The quilt design is super-simple.  I cut 5" X 6" rectangles and arranged the blocks by alternating green and blue fabrics.  The sashing and border were tricky because most of the fabric I had for this quilt weren't large enough to cut a 5 1/2" border for it.  It's amazing how the quilt changes when different fabrics are placed next to them.  I wanted to use a darkish sashing to contrast with the bright fabrics, but I have some concerns about the border, even though it was the best out of some very limited choices. 

The quilt is going to be backed with fleece, which I tend to do for baby quilts.  I wanted this quilt to be simple because I wanted to spend most of my time working on the quilting.  It's going to be quilted like the Hexie Sewing Kit, and since the quilt will undoubtedly be washed numerous times, I'm going to use cotton thread for quilting.  Usually I like to use rayon thread when I machine quilt.

The deadline is tight since L will be going on maternity leave any day now.  Hope I get it done before she has the baby!

Can you believe that it's November tomorrow?  Where has this year gone?

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