Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love the Tube Quilting!

I tried the tube quilting method that I saw on the tutorial below.  It was one of the easiest ways to make an abstract geometric quilt.  Since I cut 1 1/2" strips instead of the 1 1/4" strips like I intended, I had to add a 1" strip to make up the difference.  Thus, my two strips looked like this:

I sewed the two strips together:

Cut out the triangles using the 45 degree line on the ruler:

And ended up with these squares:

Then I played with the arrangement of the squares and came up with this combination:

Nice, huh?  I even had some great company in the form of my cat, Ms. Lola, who graciously supervised while I worked.

I guess she approved because she didn't do anything to my fabrics. :)

Tomorrow I'll finish the quilt top, which will be a 3 X 3 wallhanging.  Haven't decided yet how I'll quilt it though.

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