Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ready to Dye!

The dye finally got delivered! Whoo-hoo! Couldn't dye fabric without it!  Everything else is in place.  Now to only find the time ...

I bought a little too much dye because I didn't think through what I was doing.  I was so excited about dyeing fabric that I bought whatever colors appealed to me.  Unfortunately, I remembered that the process I'm using requires only the 3 primary colors after I placed the first order.  So I had to place another order, which was annoying since the 3 primary colors can be mixed to create any color in the rainbow.  There wasn't actually a need for any of the extra colors I bought.  Nothing like thinking ahead!  :)

Nevertheless, I'm so looking forward to Saturday evening when I can begin this process.  Can't wait!

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