Monday, October 10, 2011

Craft Room Design Ideas

My craft room is bare except for 2 sewing machine tables, my dad's work table, and two large built-in closets that I use for fabrics.  The 2 sewing machine tables will be removed once I can find someone to take the industrial sewing machine and serger, which both need a little work.  My dad's work table is an eyesore, but I'm keeping it for sentimental reasons because I remember spending many hours with my father in his workroom tinkering with camera parts on this table.  Right now, I'm using it as a cutting table, but it's really not big enough.  It has a shelf though, which I'm using to store some of the sewing notions. 

As I figure out what my design and storage needs are, I'm slowly adding elements to the room.  I've been doing a lot of research on other people's sewing rooms to get ideas, and am particularly interested in the type of design boards that people have installed in their rooms.  I've seen everything from a curtain-like sheet that hangs on a curtain rod to boards that are screwed into the wall. 

Since my wall space is limited, and I'm reluctant to screw boards into my new walls, I decided to make a blank artist canvas for my design board.  I bought stretchers from the art store to make the frame for the design board, but instead of using canvas to cover the frame, I'm using 2 layers of fabric: a heavyweight, tighly-woven fabric and flannel.

The stretchers that I bought are 54" and 84", so the top layer fabric has to be at least 60" wide.  The tricky part is finding a thick flannel that is 60" wide.  My local fabric store doesn't have it, so it looks like another trip to Manhattan ...

Once the design board is done, I'll hang it like a painting, which will become both a design element and a functional board.  I can't wait to get started!

I'll add a tutorial on how to make this design board as soon as I am done. 

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