Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sewing Room Update

Work has been really hectic and I get home too late to spend any significant time on quilting.  The Around the World baby quilt is just screaming for me to get started.  I've already drawn the quilting lines, and all I have to do is sandwich the quilt and begin machine quilting.  But I'm too tired at the end of the work day, so I'll save it for the weekend.

The time that I do have is spent organizing my sewing room.  I like to do my research, and there are some seriously amazing sewing rooms out there.  Check out this site if you want a comprehensive list of sewing rooms.  Beware that you might experience a severe case of turning green with envy! :)

Remember my father's work table that I'm keeping?  Well, it now looks like this:

Still an eyesore, but an organized one!  I particularly loved some of the containers that I'm using.  They're from my collection of Pyrex glass containers and '50s melamine dishware.  I love the bright colors and simple shapes of these containers, but there is really a finite number of dishes you can use at a time.  As a result, the majority of the collection is housed here:

If you noticed, I have multiple versions of the same dishes, and was excited that I had a use for the small Pyrex refrigerator containers.  One holds pattern weights, and the other holds clips to keep the quilt binding in place. 

This little blue melamine container holds my presser feet. 

The ceramic containers are from Ikea and are designed to hang from a rod.  I like them lined up against the back of the table, but I will probably get more to hang from the peg board that is going to be installed next to the work table.

On the other side, I'm going to create a work table for pattern cutting by buying two wire containers with baskets and placing a countertop across it.  Now I really regret telling my sister she was nutty for suggesting I install cabinets in my craft room when it was still under construction.  If I listened to her, the cabinets and countertop would already be there.  Don't tell her I said this because her head will get too big to get through the door, but hindsight sucks!

Now I have to figure out where to put the bookshelf, since I want to organize my magazines and craft books.  Bottom line - I want more space! I do love what I'm doing with my small space though.

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